Rising Customer Base for HD Set-top Boxes Continues to Propel Global Market for Set-top Boxes

Published By : 18 Aug 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

GS Group, a Russian holding company recently introduced a fully advanced digital TV set top box featured with Ultra HD 4K support. This new set-top box device is featured with STMicroelectronics processor that enables ultra-speed data processing. Built-in 1TB HDD and Wi-Fi router for a wireless connection are the other features of this device. The company aims to serve the patrons in Russia and spread their business further in other European nations. 

Such inventions have motivated other manufacturers of set-top boxes to introduce their products. The increasing sale of set-top boxes has broken the tradition of installing normal cable connections. Clearly, digital set-top boxes have taken over the traditional cable connections. The market for set-top boxes is one of the fastest-growing markets in the technology and media industry. 

What has benefited the global set-top boxes market?

  • The increasing customer base is one of the factors propelling the global market for set-top boxes. 
  • Set-top boxes are designed with a wide variety of channels. The resolution of channels has moved ahead from normal to DH channels. The availability of plenty of HD channels on set-top boxes has attracted many customers.
  • The concept of hybrid set-top boxes is in demand in the global set-top boxes market. Hybrid set-top boxes are a combination of satellite-based HD services and internet-based TV services. The rising demand for hybrid set-top boxes is expected to propel the global market for set-top boxes.
  • Industrialization is allowing people across many regions to possess strong purchasing power, offering a wider range of opportunities for the set-top box manufacturers to grow swiftly.  
  • India, China, and Australia hold a massive customer base for the internet users. The rising use of enhanced internet services coupled with the advent of smart TVs has helped the manufacturers to introduce new set-top boxes in these countries. Thus, this is expected to benefit the global market for set-top boxes in the near future. 

The global set-top boxes market is expected to face challenges from PC over the top (OTT) and mobile services and cable card providers. However, the introduction of HEVC decoder in set-top boxes will create new growth opportunities in the global set-top boxes market.    

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