Rising Consumer Awareness about Healthcare Leads to Increased Demand for Low-calorie Food Products

Published By : 12 May 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Over the past few decades, the awareness regarding the ill-effects of consumption of high-calorie food products on the human health has witnessed significant rise among the global population. Numerous research activities have been undertaken in the past, and continue to emerge every now and then that signify the risk factors associated with high-calorie foods. Earlier, a limited population had access to the results from these research activities.

But with the advent of smart mobile devices and the rising reach of the Internet across the globe, a larger population is getting access to research materials through digital journals and e-books. This is the major factor why the consumer is becoming more aware about healthcare in general and is increasingly leading to the demand for healthy food products. Low-calorie food products are commonly marketed as healthy food products by food and beverage companies. The increased focus of the global population on the ‘healthy food’ segment is bringing about a major positive change in the dynamics of the global low-calorie food market.

Some of the major trends witnessed in the global low-calorie food market in the recent past are:

  • The rising popularity of sugar substitutes: Owing to the immense research and development activities being undertaken in the food industry, there are a variety of sugar substitutes in the market these days. Effective marketing strategies have led to the increased popularity of these sugar substitutes in several regional markets and the market for sugar substitutes is witnessing significant growth worldwide. 
  • The heightening demand for aspartame and products containing it: Aspartame is one of the most popular sugar substitutes in the market presently and is known to effectively cut sugars in a variety of products and beverages, without intensely changing the taste or flavor or products. Products containing aspartame instead of conventional sugar are also a hit among calorie-conscious masses worldwide.
  • The high demand for natural sweeteners: Although aspartame is one of the choicest sugar substitutes, certain concerns regarding its unsuitability for a certain population demographics, such as children and people suffering from certain diseases are leading to a decline in the global demand for aspartame to a certain extent. This has led to an increased focus of marketers on the discovery and widespread use of suitable natural sweeteners.
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