Rigid Packaging Market Driven by Rising Demand in Asia Pacific Economies

Published By : 08 Jun 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The rigid packaging market consists a key part of the global packaging sector due to its growing importance in international shipping. Rigid packaging is a necessity for transporting delicate and dangerous items and materials ranging from glassware to strong acids. The durability of rigid packaging makes it the prime segment of the packaging sector and is likely to ensure steady demand in the coming years thanks to the widespread adoption of long-distance transportation systems due to the needs of globalization.

Steady Growth of Consumer Goods Sector Key for Rigid Packaging Market

The consistent demand from the consumer goods sector is a key driver for the global rigid packaging market. The consumer goods sector has been driven at a solid rate due to economic recovery following the 2008-09 recession and is likely to post solid growth rates across the world in the coming years. The rising purchasing power of consumers in emerging regions, strengthened by their distance from the 2008-09 crash, has become a key factor for the rigid packaging market, as it has led to increased demand for intermodal shipping across long distances. Rising import and export activities in the consumer goods sector are likely to be an important driver for the global rigid packaging market in the coming years.

Asia Pacific to Remain Key Regional Market for Rigid Packaging

Emerging economies in Asia Pacific are likely to make key contributions to the global rigid packaging market in the coming years. Countries such as India, China, and Japan are home to growing consumer demographics marked by growing prosperity and familiarity with Western culture, which has led to growing demand for Western imports. These countries also have thriving local consumer goods sectors, driven by their growing population, and are likely to play leading roles in the development of the global consumer goods market in the coming years, leading to steady demand from the global rigid packaging market. 

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