Retailers Demand Organic and Non-GMO Products from Hain Celestial

Published By : 13 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The retailers in the food market are demanding for products that are free of GM products. Analyzing the net sales exhibited by retailers in the last three months up to March, retailer are looking into options to work with companies that can offer natural fast-growing and organic products that Millennials are looking for.

Retailers such as Publix, Kroger, and Target are open about encouraging such products; a ‘second tier’ of traditional retailers are looking for a secure piece of the action as well. This is on account of the unmet demands from Kraft and Heinz, as per bosses at Hain Celestial.

In keeping with the move, Hain is associating with Meyer and Hy-Vee to work on a organic and natural strategy. The strategy is worked upon to look beyond Publix, Kroger, and the whole segment of second tier traditional retailers. The focus of the strategy is to attract Millennials, and that Hain Celestial would need help in achieving the goal.

As per Group CEO at Hain Celestial, Millennials are more conscious of health and make product choices that are suitable to lifestyle emphasizing on farm to table products that are organic and free of GMO ingredients.

While leading CPG brands such as Kraft and Heinz are working on reformulating classical products to be more attractive for Millennials, and are also recklessly cutting costs to drive efficiency, it is not working out in favor of growth for retailers. 

The merger between Kraft and Heinz that happened recently arouse a large number of retailers. This is so as retailers are not benefitted from such historic mergers and EBITDA savings, what retailer want are growth numbers, as per Hain Celestial bosses. 
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