ResMed, Curative Medical Combine to Address Sleep and Respiratory Care in China

Published By : 30 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

ResMed on Thursday announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to gain acquisition of Curative Medical. Curative Medical is a major privately held provider of non-invasive sleep disordered breathing and ventilation medical devices and accessories. 

Chief executive officer of ResMed Mick Farrell said that Curative has a strong innovation, clinical, and market reputation in China. ResMed, on the other hand, has global leadership when it comes to respiratory and sleep medicine. Combining these two forces will provide aid to millions of Chinese who are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and sleep disordered breathing. Partnering with Curative will allow ResMed to jointly invest in increasing the company’s growth, at the same time, improving patient quality of life. The move will also bring down the total cost of healthcare systems in China. Mick Farrell said that this is part of ResMed’s global aim of improving 20 million lives by the year 2020.

Curative Medical and ResMed China, on completion of the transaction, will both retain their operational freedom and continue investing in manufacturing, research and development, sales, and marketing in China. Curative Medical will retain its name, innovative offerings, and brands that are customized to suit the Chinese market. The vascular catheter business belonging to Curative Medical has not been included in this transaction. Curative Medical’s employees will remain members of the combined Curative and ResMed team. This includes Jason Sun, founder and chief executive officer. 

Jason Sun said that the Curative Medical is extremely happy to join hands with ResMed in order to aid more people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases and sleep disordered breathing. Curative Medical is known to have a history of using the best Chinese and global technologies in a domestically manufactured Chinese product. Along with ResMed, Curative Medical hopes to improve more lives in the country.
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