Research on Graphene Filters to Go Long Way

Published By : 28 Nov 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A team of scientists based in Korea and Switzerland has developed new processes to make perforated graphene membranes to be used in next-generation filtration and gas applications. These separation techniques are efficient and quick for separation and filtration of gases from liquids. This filter is manufactured from membranes with less than 100-nm pores.

The structures are more simple and porous than the previously manufactured filters and are effective to be used at the industrial level. Earlier, the filters were not that efficient for industrial use and this has been the challenge until the manufacture of this graphene-based filter.

The graphene sheet was developed firstly in 2004, since then, the researchers are trying to improve the technology and the nanometer sized holes. In addition, the recently introduced filters are fast and cost-effective way of manufacturing filters.

What are other applications of the filter membrane?

This membrane can be used in the removal of bacteria and viruses from drinking water, electrics platform, biomedical filtration, and other applications.

The scientist said the structures can be used for liquid for high-performance separation applications. This filter can be used as ultrafiltration membranes for separation of bacteria and viruses from drinking water.

Additionally, it will have applications in the wearable electronics to make them waterproof, and on breathable fabric. Growing demand for such advanced products is encouraging research activities in this area. The researchers are exploring various filtration applications of this and trying to understand the mechanism of filtration of gases and liquid by using the graphene-based filter. 

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