Research is searching new and innovative ways to use silicon

Published By : 24 Jun 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Silicon is used for various purposes. It has been used for many decades to manufacture semiconductors. It is also used in manufacturing various other electronic gadgets. However, scientists are now coming up with more improved and innovative way to use silicon.

An assistant professor, Dr. Michael A. Filler at the Georgia Tech’s School of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering has been researching on computer chips. This integrated chip is basically a set of electronic circuits placed on a small plate of semiconductor material which is usually silicon.

Dr. Filler in relation to the prospects of silicon chip posted a statement saying that what if the techniques were available to create alternative structures. He also said to imagine the properties could arise and the applications could be created using these materials.

The doctor said that soon it will possible to design materials using the programmable atomic arrangements. This development would allow scientists to restructure the new and old materials alike, so that they will be able to transport heat, conduct electricity, or absorb light in unique ways.

The first step displayed by Filler showed stacking of atoms in a silicon nanowire, which could be manipulated.  To perform this, the doctor has controlled the location and timing of the structure species attached to and covered with nanowire surface. This molecular covering forced the next layer of silicon atoms to place themselves differently from the previous layer.

Recently, scientists are considering different alternatives to silicon chips, and new technologists are demonstrating the potential promise of an extremely thin semiconductor.
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