Report Claims, Apple to Reveal New ipad Pro and Macbook

Published By : 22 Oct 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Apple, the first company to touch 1 US$ trillion mark in the history of business has already provided its top end smart phones to keep the tech savvy and critics off their clock for some time. On 12th of September, in the Steve Jobs auditorium, California, Tim Cook and his team, exhibited recent lineup of smartphones. Last year on the tenth anniversary of Apple, the company announced iphone X which became instant hit, and helped the company to touch historic milestone. These year, all eyes were gazed for new iphones, and the company didn’t not fail to impress as it launched three new iphones, named iphone XS, iphone Max, and iphone XR. Amongst these, iphone XS and iPhone Max falls in the premium quality whereas iphone XR is a budget oriented, according to Apple’s standard. The company priced this at US$749.

However, ipad and macbook users only stared at the launch without any gain, as the company didn’t introduce any ipad pro and macbook. These actually made the company face serious criticism from fans all across the world. It is reported by The Verge, that the company has started distributing media invites for an event which is likely to take place on October 30th. This news is likely to bring some respite to the fans as they believed that the company will announce new macbook and ipad pro in next year. The event is set to take place in Brooklyn Academy of Music.

According to techies and critics, the event whose tag line is “there’s more in the making” is a clear indication for the announcement of new line up of ipad pro and macbook. Various rumors and speculation have already gone over various social media platform.

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