Renal Function Tests Market set to Increase as More Kidney Patients Emerge

Published By : 04 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Perhaps one of the most vital organs that the human body holds, which is also subjected to the most rigorous ordeals of processing our modern lifestyle, are the kidney. This pair of organs toils endlessly to process the convenience foods and junk foods that we consume on a daily basis, until problems arise. Kidneys essentially act as filters for the body’s blood. They reabsorb the crucial minerals and help dispose the waste products that are water-soluble. This is the key reason why kidneys are supposed to be taken good care of. In order to maintain a healthy blood system, the body needs a renal system which can maintain blood purification and a healthy cell growth rate.

Kidney Test Market Steps Up to Meet the Demand
As such, the global kidney function tests market can be expected to be one of the bigger markets in the global healthcare industry. The reason for this is the growing number of patients cropping up with renal disorders. A severely high number of people are being diagnosed either directly for kidney issues, or conditions that eventually cause kidney damage and imminent failure. The two greater reasons for this rise in kidney woes are the increase in the number of the elderly and the growing number of diabetics. Both demographics are highly prone to kidney related illnesses. The geriatric population is predisposed towards renal fibrosis, while diabetes takes a heavy toll on the kidney functions, eventually causing them to shut down.

Current Proceedings in Kidney Test and Protection
It is no surprise that the WHO had said that more than 1.4 mn patients are being diagnosed with kidney issues per year. What’s more is that this number seems to be growing at roughly 8% every year. This has caused major players in the global kidney function tests market to boost their research and development efforts. Some of the more prominent and recent efforts include:

  • The development of a super-resolution microscope by Scottish scientists which can boost diagnosis rates and reduce testing costs at the same time
  • The funding and development of the “Help them Escape” project, which aims to create portable artificial kidney in order to restore mobility and freedom to those who have to depend constantly on dialysis.
  • The use of 3D printing to create an artificial kidney for a two-year old girl, thereby helping her survive.
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