Rating of Chinese Life Insurance Company Downgraded by Deutsche Bank

Published By : 17 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The China Life Insurance Company’s rating were lowered by Deutsche Bank from a buy rating and changed to a hold rating, according to a research note issued by Wednesday.

Also, the China Life Insurance Company has traded around 4.6535% few days back and reached a total of US$76.6901. This stock has resulted in a trading volume of shares of total 147,535. The Life Insurance Company of China has a total of 52 weeks low of US$38.3000 and a 52 week high of US$78.8700. This stock has around 50 day moving average of around US$65.45 and a moving average for 200 day of US$55.25. Additionally, the company has marked a cap which was worth US$144.51 billion and a ratio of P/E standing at 27.7863.

Several analysts have also very recently weighted in on the LFC. According to a few analyst based at the Zacks the lowered shared of China Life Insurance Company have shifted from the previously hold rating to a rating of sell which is set at a price of US$62.00 and the target is on the stock in a research note which was available on Tuesday, i.e., March 24th.

A group of analyst at Goldman Sachs has upgraded their shares of China Life Insurance Company which is from a neutral rating to a rating of buy according to a research note published on Tuesday, i.e., February 17th.

The firm China Life Insurance Company Limited and its subsidiaries are mainly engaged in the activity of writing life insurance business and delivering annuities, life, accident and health insurance products in the country. This firm operates in five segments which are Supplementary major medical insurance business, Short-term insurance business, Group life insurance business, Individual life insurance business, and Other businesses.
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