Rapid Industrialization to Encourage Growth of Global Railcar Movers Market

Published By : 29 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A railcar mover is a vehicle that is capable of moving on the roads as well as on the rail tracks. The railcar mover is secured with the help of couplers in order to move a few railroad cars nearby in a small yard or a rail siding. 

Railcar movers are used widely across the globe by the railroad customers as they are comparatively cheaper than a switcher locomotive. These movers are considered relatively convenient and can help in saving instead of paying the railroad operator to help with the switching. In addition, the railcar movers are easier and productive in comparison with the manual moving of cars.

The ability of the railcar mover to move off and on the rail track is one of the primary factors estimated to fuel the growth of the market in the coming few years. The low fuel consumption is another key factor augmenting the growth of the global railcar movers market. 

On the other hand, the low penetration rate in some of the nationalized railway networks is expected to curb the growth of the market in the coming few years. However, the rising rate of penetration in several emerging countries owing to the fast-paced industrialization is projected to create several opportunities for the prominent players in the overall market.

Among the key geographical segments, North America accounts for a massive share in the global railcar movers market at present. This region is expected to remain in the leading position in the coming few years. The rapid growth of this region can be attributed to the rise in the production of coal, natural gas, oil, and other liquid bio-fuels in the last few years. 

The expansion of railway infrastructure in developing countries has created several opportunities for the key players operating in the global market for railcar movers. These players are expected to spend an extensive amount on developing innovative technology and gain the competitive advantage in the overall market. 

Some of the leading players engaged in the global market for railcar movers are Railquip Inc., Zweiweg, Zwiehoff, Unimog, Shuttlewagon, Unilokomotive, Railkin, Zephir, UCA, Trackmobile, and Brandt Road Rail Corp.

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