Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization in Emerging Countries to Drive Global Train Seat Market

Published By : 31 May 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A train is a form of transportation that is used widely in order to transport passengers and cargo from one place to another. In the last few years, the global market for trains has been growing substantially, thanks to the several initiatives and support of the governments. A large section of the population prefers traveling by train as it is relatively cheaper than the air fares. The high-speed rails are one of the best transport means in order to reduce the time of travel between two destinations and further boost the economic growth of the particular region. 

The development of train infrastructure and network are the most crucial factors for the growth of the overall train market. In addition, the technical advancements incorporated in the train has further boosted the demand for train seats in the global market. The governments of several countries are making efforts are encouraging the growth of this market by increasing its investments. Moreover, the growing concerns regarding the safety of passengers are further contributing towards the growth of the global train seat market.

The global market for train seat can be classified on the basis of product type into:

  • Dining Seat
  • Regular Seat
  • Recliner Seat
  • Folding Seat
  • Smart Seat

In emerging countries, the train network is being expanded, which is resulting in an increased number of trains in the near future. As a result, several players are expected to participate in this market in the next few years. These players are making efforts to introduce new changes to the train seat, which will help in giving comfort to the passengers. The developing infrastructure and fast-paced urbanization in developing countries are projected to create potential opportunities for the key market players in the next few years. Moreover, the high-profit margins are encouraging a healthy participation of players in this market.

Some of the leading players operating in the global market for train seat are C.E White Co., Fenix Group LLC, Magna International Inc., Automotive Seating, Transcal Ltd., USSC Group, Freedman Seating Co. Ltd., Camira Fabrics Ltd., Sears Manufacturing Co., Harita Seating Systems Ltd., Saira Seats, and Wise Company Inc

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