Rapid Industrial Development Propelling Demand for Fall Protection Equipment

Published By : 28 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The shrinking of habitable lands, triggered by increasing population, has triggered the trend of high-rise apartments. In recent times, there has been numerous incidence of falling from these buildings, which has increased the concerns over safety among people, fueling the demand for fall protection equipment in rescue operations to a great extent.

In the context of the same reason, various governments across the world have enforced some rules and regulations to enhance occupational safety and promote the utilization of fall protection equipment in industrial areas as well as around multistory residential apartments.

The worldwide fall protection equipment market is expected to draw much of its growth from the rapid industrial development in the established nation as well as lucrative opportunities presented by the emerging economies over the next few years. Here is a snapshot of the latest trends and activities in the regional markets for fall protection equipment.

  • The North America market for fall protection equipment has recently acquired the leading position among all the regional markets. Various rules and policies, mandating the usage of occupational safety measures in North America are the main driving force behind the growth of this regional market.
  • The North America fall protection equipment market had supposedly reached US$670.7 mn in 2013. However, the future projections of experts do not favor the regional market and according to them, it is likely to witness a moderate rise in the near future.
  • The developing economies in the Middle East and Africa, on the other hand, are projected to experience an exceptional growth in the coming years. Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria are expected to emerge as the prime consumers of fall protection equipment in this region.

Alpha Pro Tech Ltd., Avon Rubber, Ansell Ltd., COFRA Holding, Oftenrich Holdings Co. Ltd., Honeywell Safety Products, Rock Fall Ltd., Uvex Safety, and 3M Co. are the key manufacturers of fall protection equipment employed in rescue operations.

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