Rajiv Vidya Mission Extends Support to Madrasas to Offer Formal Education to Students

Published By : 04 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Rajiv Vidya Mission (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) has reached a decision to provide financial support to two more religious schools in the district, as it earnestly wishes madrasa students should receive formal education along with their religious education. The association will provide free textbooks and mid-day meals in order to retain and encourage children.  The district has about 40 madrasas, which provide Islamic education. 

The association will work towards providing students formal education, which is inclusive of Environmental Science, Mathematics, and English along with religious studies. With this move RVM will be funding madrasas, two of which are in Aswaraopeta and the other two in in Sattupalli and Bhadrachalam. In this academic year, RVM has offered to support to two more madrasas. One of these is located in Shukravarapeta in Khammam and another at Kinnerasani in Palvancha mandal. 

This initiative is aimed at providing students with skills that will last them a life time and improve their chances of finding employment. The initiative also plans to expose students to formal subjects and basic computer skills to make them equipped for the changing world. To fulfil the same plan, the association has issued a notification to employ two formal education volunteers. Each of these volunteers will work at madrasas at Kinnerasani and at Shukravarapeta respectively. 

Proposals have been made for the sanction of computers to these madrasas. The examination fee of the students attempting to appear for SSC will be handled through RVM funds.

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