Put Warning Labels on Sugary Drinks: Public Health Advocates

Published By : 13 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Public health advocates on Monday requested state lawmakers in New York to put warning labels on sugary drinks that caution consumers regarding the dangers of diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay.

This urge by the public health advocates comes at a time when every state across the United States is coming to terms with costs, both financial and human, of various dietary-related diseases in America such as obesity and diabetes. The proposed mandate is reportedly pending in the state Assembly. 

Sharon Akabas, who is a professor at the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University told lawmakers in the state on Monday that by putting labels on certain products, it may be possible to discourage consumers from purchasing those products that lead to harmful as well as costly health conditions. The hearing was held in New York City and Sharon Akabas, along with many other public health experts, voiced their support for this legislation. Sharon also added that she hoped the label legislation would be implemented across the nation.

The labels will be similar to those seen on cigarette packs and will be placed on bottles as well cans containing juices, regular soda, teas, and various other drinks that contain sugar.

The idea was met with opposition from retailers and beverage companies. Maston Sansom of a grocery store trade group called Food Industry Alliance of New York State, said that retailers and manufacturers should not have to concern themselves with complicated and confusing labels that differ from state to state. A point that Maston Sansom brought up was why candies and other unhealthy foods were not being targeted and why beverages sweetened by sugar were being singled out?
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