Purchase of Medical Marijuana Becomes Easier

Published By : 21 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

There’s good news for users of medical marijuana. Though the development currently affects only the Los Angeles area, it is expected to eventually impact the medical marijuana community across the United States. A smartphone app has been developed that enables medicinal pot to be delivered directly to the users’ house.

‘Nestdrop’, the new app, has been designed to allow users to buy medical marijuana with ease, convenience and in privacy. When medicinal pot was made legal in Los Angeles, very few dispensaries sold marijuana making it extremely difficult for users. The smartphone app has now partnered with these dispensaries and helps deliver the medication across LA within an hour.

Roddy Rodnia, the co-founder of Nestdrop, said that as entrepreneurs, he and his team saw the need to find a convenient and less-awkward way of procuring medical marijuana. He stated that for many years, patients who were prescribed with medicinal pot had to hunt for it among the few dispensaries that sold it. Used to treat many ailments, the purchase of pot was not only inconvenient but also proved to be awkward in many situations. A trip to the store became cumbersome and Rodnia wanted to find a solution for that.

The laws for using medical marijuana continue to apply even with the smartphone app. Michael Pycher, another co-founder, states that Nestdrop is designed in alignment with the various regulations that govern consumption and purchase of marijuana. In order to buy medicinal pot via the app, users will need to furnish the deliveryman with their medical marijuana card, state-issued photo ID, and doctor’s prescription or recommendation.
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