Protein FGF1, the Wonder Injection For Diabetics

Published By : 18 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Triggered by being overweight and sedentary lifestyle, the number of Type 2 diabetic patients has only gone up in the last few years. The lifestyle, much detrimental to the body’s metabolism, raises the blood sugar levels in the bloodstream beyond insulin’s control or resistant to it.

As a great relief to excruciatingly painful problem of rise in diabetes is one shot of FGF1, a protein that can halt Type 2 diabetes. A drug such as this will make controlling diabetes on a larger scale, safer and far more effective.

A single injection of this magic protein is believed to control the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes and bring sugar levels within the normal range for a period of two days. Scientists say, FGF1 is also likely to reverse insulin insensitivity, which truly is to become of an unheard of achievement in this segment of healthcare.

The researchers have also found use of FGF1 to treat Type 2 diabetes prevents conditions such as hypoglycaemia, unnecessary weight gain, and subsequent heart and liver problems that are a result of prolonged use of some of the diabetic drugs.

The most important point to be noted is that this protein does not lead to any such thing even after its prolonged use. Instead, the injections have only restored the body’s ability to be more sensitive to insulin.

This therapeutic step has only been tested on mice so far. A serious development of this injection would truly change the way diabetes is being controlled today.

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