Proper Job St Astells Beer Exported to 20 Countries

Published By : 23 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Westcountry’s beer producer St Astell Brewery is now sending its beer across the world. The beer brewery has a position on the world stage due to increasing exports of its drink. Beer from St Astell reaches Canada, Brazil, and Japan, and almost 20 countries in the world. 

Proper Job and Big Job are among the beer names that are exported from Cornwall where the brewery is based in hundreds of barrels each month. The beer reaches New Zealand in seven weeks by ship.

The export manager for St Astells, Mike Morris declared that the beer now reaches 23 countries in the world from just 2 in 2011. They had begun with Italy and Denmark but now the beer has grown in popularity and demand in far flung corners of the globe. Russia and France are the prime customers for St Astell’s beer. 

St Astell’s top brand name is Tribute and now Proper Job and Big Job are the main brands sold across the world. The export manager feels that exports are continuing to grow and expand over the years.  Newer market opportunities in Switzerland, Malta, Japan, and Slovenia are emerging and when combined will prove to be a strong market base for the brewery. 

St Astell has won awards such as Best Regional Brewer in 2014 and 2013.  The company is in an industry leading position to sell based on its brand name. The company plans to expand its markets to reach China and Baltic states and to compete with the tough American market. The company feels it is at the top of the craft brewing market and not simply an English beer brewery. It has reached world class status. 
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