Proper Healthcare still a Major Issue for Transgender People

Published By : 30 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Groups representing transgender people have said that individuals still in a transitional phase continue to face a rather difficult road when it comes to healthcare. This is despite the laws which states that health insurance companies cannot make discriminations based on health history or gender.

Robin Maril, senior legislative counsel of the Human Rights Campaign recently said that it is outrageous to know that people with health insurance are still being denied basic care. 

According to Federal health law, insurance companies cannot make a choice to deny health coverage to transgender people or people who are currently in a transitional phase. The law also states that transgender people cannot be denied access to services aimed at preventing sexually transmitted diseases. 

However, confusing and subtle rules have made health care for transgender people a challenge much more difficult than it seems.

The problem begins right when the individual goes to sign up for health insurance. The registration form requires one to register as a particular gender, complicating the process for people who wish to transition. 

Even though federal legislation outlaws discrimination, a few transgender people say that they are told that their insurance policy does not cover being transgender, which is a pre-existing condition. Even if the insurance company covers reassignment medicine and surgeries, it most often does not cover a sufficient portion of the cost. 

Nell Gaither, president of the Trans Pride Initiative said that stressing on biology, health care leaves a large section of the society out. Medical intervention is a major part of their lives and Gaither said that some transgender people use other means such as the internet to get help.

There are an approximate 700,000 Americans who identify as transgender. For them, health care is an issue that cannot be ignored. 
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