Production of English Wine to Surge in the Forthcoming Years, says WSTA

Published By : 30 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Ongoing industry trends suggest that the overall production and capacity of English vineyards may double over the next couple of years. This was expressed by a team of MPs who were on a visit to Rathfinny Wine Estate situated in Sussex. This visit to the winery was planned by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. This body also stated that the total area under vine has risen by 11% on an average over the past one decade. 

There are more than 135 wineries and 470 vineyards, with a production capacity of more than three million bottles on an annual basis in the United Kingdom. A senior official at WSTA stated that with such a trend it can be said that the land under English vineyards will increase two times during the upcoming seven years. There have been teams of MPs who are taking active interest in understanding the benefits of this industry on the broader economy and very importantly, the local communities. The market for English wine possesses the technical capability and also the quality to be able to keep pace with the global competition. 

At present, the market for English wines is characterized by rapidly increasing productive capacity and this also shows that this market holds great potential for exports as well. These days, the growing popularity of vineyards can be attributed to the growth of rural tourism wherein vineyards are major hotspots. Amongst 470 vineyards, there are greater than 100 that welcome the public at certain times and offer tours, and have catered to on-site shops and eateries. 

With the growth of this trend, the total number of visitors in the current year have increased by 65%. As per the market forecasts of Rathfinny, its production capacity will reach a million bottles each year by the year 2020, which will indicate an expansion from 75 hectares to more than 160 hectares under vineyards.

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