Production Delays for Model 3 No Problem for Ever-bankable Tesla

Published By : 09 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Tesla’s Model 3 is a crucial juncture in the company’s path, with the car set to bridge the gap between Tesla’s high-priced futuristic design template and the economic demands of the average consumer. However, the production figures for the Model 3 so far make for depressing reading if you’re a Tesla fan in line for the car. The Model 3 was launched in July and Tesla has only managed to produce 300 in the quarter that followed, a far cry from the 1,500 the company promised at the time of launch. Tesla’s original target of reaching 20,000 cars by December now seems close to impossible. Founder Elon Musk had also promised the company would reach annual production of 500,000 by December 2018, also a mark the company seems doomed to fail.

Tesla has put the delay down to supply bottlenecks, which have restricted production. As a result the Model 3 is not really being mass-produced at all at the moment. While this would be a massive PR disaster for most automotive industry giants, good PR is the one currency Elon Musk can always bank on. With a long history on under-delivering numerically on superb ideas, consumers and stock markets alike have accepted Tesla as a quirky new kid who is slow to get his stuff out but once done, produces something that dazzles. The endless patience enjoyed by the ever-charismatic Elon Musk has led to Tesla not facing major problems over this delivery issue, with customers accepting it as simply being a part of what Tesla does and how it does it. 

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