Prime Growth Opportunities in 3D Printing, Development of Life Saving Devices on Top of the List

Published By : 09 Mar 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The increasing applications in automotive industries and consumer products are stimulating the market for 3D printing. In addition, the rising trend of manufacturing technology developed products as well as the depleting costs of 3D prints will also boost the market for 3D printing. It has been estimated that 3D printing will emerge as an industrial strength. 3D printing has also been adopted as a key technology in a variety of new things. For instance, a number of aircraft already use 3D printed components. This technology, in the coming years, will also be adopted for manufacturing specialist components within industries such as automotive and defense. 

The top opportunities seen in the market for 3D printing are as follows: 

  • Utilized for Life Saving: 3D-printed medical implants will be responsible for enhancing the quality of life of people as it allows products to be tailor-matched to the body shape of a person, and is used for making enhanced titanium bone implants, orthodontic devices, and prosthetic limbs. Experiments within printing soft tissue are also being done and in the coming years will allow printed arteries and veins to be utilized in operations. 
  • Increasing Adoption of Customization: Products are being bought and are customized to the require specifications, which is then 3D-printed and is delivered on the doorstep of the concerned person. A number of innovative companies will be utilizing 3D-printing technologies for giving themselves a competitive advantage by providing tailor made things at similar prices as their competitors. 
  • Swift Rate of Product Innovation: A number of new car models as well as enhanced home appliances will be swiftly designed. This is owing to the fact that swift prototyping utilizing 3D printers lessens the time required for turning a concept into a production-ready design and allows the designers to target on the products’ functions. 
  • 3D Print Shops in Malls: 3D printing shops are expected to be introduced having high-quality services of 3D printing. Previously designed for servicing swift prototyping as well as numerous other capabilities, the shops of 3D printing are poised to start a number of branches within the consumer marketplace. 

Thus, there a number of growth opportunities seen in the market, and hence the count of 3D printed parts within cards, appliances, and planes will rise in the coming years. 

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