Pressure Build on New Brunswick Government to Reveal Shale Gas Industry Plan

Published By : 04 Nov 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The pressure on New Brunswick government is increasing by the day to reveal its plan for the shale gas industry. The government needs to reveal its plan about the promised moratorium on fracking. Since the rules of the industry aren’t yet streamlined, the shale industry remains in limbo. It has been a decade since the industry is producing and exploring natural gas in Sussex area.

Corridor Resources, a Halifax-based company was the first to explore the local shale gas field. The company now supplies power to a huge potash mine near Penobsquis. Corridor Resources wants to continue working in New Burnswick and is thus awaiting some declaration from the government.

The New Brunswick Liberal Government was elected on the basis of a campaign that promised to implement a moratorium on fracking. However, the government has not taken a stand on this issue yet. According to New Burnswick Progressive Conservatives stated, government’s silence is a message of its own kind. The message is rather being interpreted as fracking is likely to be detrimental to the area in the long-run.

While the industry also echoes the sentiment of the government to ensure activities are done safely and hopes the plan is made in a way that suits everyone. For now the industry watchers it now a point of absolute anticipation as what plans the government holds for them and what impact it will have on the economy of Sussex.
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