Potassium based Catalyst - a Preferred Option to Precious Metals Based Catalysts

Published By : 05 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A team of chemists from Caltech has come up with a way for producing a group of organic chemicals containing silicon, without depending on costly catalysts of precious metals. The latest method makes use of an inexpensive catalyst that is basically a chemical that is abundantly found, and is used extensively in almost all chemistry laboratories all across the globe. This catalyst is potassium tert-butoxide which helps in producing a wide array of products starting from novel medicines to highly advanced materials. 

Also, it has been observed that the salt of potassium is way more effective than the expensive precious metal combinations for running highly challenging and complex chemical reactions. According to the scientists working on this project, it is quite easy to develop bonds of carbon silicon with cheap and safe catalyst that are based on potassium and not other rather rare precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and iridium.

Also, it has been inferred that apart from being more efficient and eco-friendly, this method is substantially cheaper than the systems in use currently that are used for developing chemical based building blocks. As a matter of fact, scientists and specialists have also expressed that this technology can easily be incorporated in the chemicals industry. The precious metals that are present in most catalysts gradually run out, and are generally rare. Whereas, potassium is an earth element, that is found quite abundantly. The scientists have delved deep into the other areas of applications with regard to this abundantly found earth element. 
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