Porsche Recalls Cars from the 918 Spyder Range Due to Faulty Chassis Parts

Published By : 24 Dec 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Reports have it that Porsche is recalling more than 200 cars from its limited-edition 918 Spyder range for replacing defective chassis parts. This is the second issue surrounding the most expensive model of Porsche.

The fault was noticed during Porsche’s own tests during in-house quality checks and no official complaints about accidents due to these faults have been registered by customers. Porsche has stated that the repair will take about 2 days and the recall for the same will start through appointments in early 2015.

The US$845,000 hybrid racer car has emerged out amid huge attention and speculations in the global market. The company had limited the number of cars offered by this range to 918 only to maintain exclusivity of the range and the brand. Porsche had sold the last car from this range in November this year. 

Of the 918 cars in this range, Porsche had already recalled 46 cars due to a potential defect in cars’ rear-axle parts. No accidents or fatalities were reported due to the fault as well.

The past year and this complete year has observed a number of quality issues, accidents and fatalities due to these issues and a huge number of recalls in the auto industry. In U.S. alone, the number of recalls went on to tap numbers more than 60 million cars so far this year. Many of these recalls were connected with the defect in ignition switches in a number of General Motors Co. vehicles and cars using airbags made by Takata Corp. 

As the year is about to end, a major and highly exclusive automotive brand like Porsche has jumped into the recall wave. With only a few days left to round the year up it is being hoped that no more auto-related issues surface on this industry’s horizon.
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