Podcasts Changed Into Personalized Talk Radios by Scout.fm

Published By : 04 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Scout.fm is on a mission to change the manner in which people listen to podcasts. They want to change the behavior of most people that involves switching through thousands of shows in their currently used podcast apps. Instead of doing this, the company wants to make them listen to a particular podcast by just expressing their opinion about topics they would be interested in.

More Information about New Podcasted Service Launched by Scout.fm

To change the way people need to search for podcasts, the Scout.fm has started a new curated podcast service that will ask users several questions regards their likes and dislikes. In this way, the service will then create a new podcast station for the users. This experience is similar to the one available on smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa powered Echo, along with other applications running on iOS and Android.

The company was founded mainly by Cara Meverden - the CEO, along with Saul Carlin who is the president and COO, and Daniel McCartney - the CTO. A per the leaders of Scout.fm, the company wants to offer a better system than its rivals, and mainly enhance the way listeners have been receptive to podcasts. According to Meverden, the company wants to take the podcasting listening activities mainstream.

The company had begun a series of experiments on Alexa, which included listening to a ‘Game of Thrones’ themed podcast radio that was popular when the show was being aired. The company’s goal was to test how the entire experiment worked, and which topics and formats attracted listeners. The experiment also involved gaining important feedback from users by initiating calls-to-actions by making them participate in surveys. The app designed by the company will also ask various other questions to users, such as how much of them like art, history, films, literature, and other topics.

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