Podcast Creation and Editing Features Launched by Anchor for iPad

Published By : 20 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After its relaunch early in this year in the form of a podcast creation platform, Anchor yesterday announced that the company will bring its mobile podcasting tools to the iPad. Similar to its iPhone counterpart, the iPad version of Anchor enables users to record, edit, and share the podcast content to iTunes, Google Play Music, and several other popular platforms.

More Insights into Anchor’s Podcast Launch for iPad

The enterprise had earlier put much a lot of focus on developing short-form audio files. However, it soon realized that better growth existing in providing the rising number of podcasters with simple tools that can be accessed directly from their mobile devices. By using the iPhone’s version of Anchor, users needed to press a button to record their audio solo as well as with other people, add voice messages, and also add song tracks. Similarly, the iPad app mainly offers the same features, albeit with a few tweaks and upgrades.

Users can drag and drop audio file from other apps into the Anchor’s platform, or could even upload tracks. After adding the music, users can add a voice memo, or even bring in audio files from a cloud storage site such as Google Drive. Anchor’s podcasting options also help users to multitask. Thus, even if anyone is using other application such as notes or message apps, both can be operated at the same time.

Another interesting feature about the podcasting platform involves the ability it provides to users to directly edit the audio files on the iPad device. This can be done by touch-based controls, which are very easy and can be learnt by absolutely anyone. From an overall perspective, the company has developed the platform in such a way, that be it an amateur or a professional, anyone can learn how to use the features.

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