Plastics recycling Feasible Despite Bad Press

Published By : 14 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the last couple of months, there was widespread news coverage about plastics recyclers being in tight situations owing to low prices of crude oil. This was supposedly help to drive down costs for virgin resin. But it is not that bad as it seems.

The ‘Plastics News’ issue which will be released towards the end of the week will chart the plastics recyclers ranking on an annual basis, and the figures aren’t that bad. In fact, as per the issue that will be released recycling sector in North America exhibited growth in 2014.

There have been considerations regarding low prices of virgin resin. As a matter of fact, Steve Toloken has an interesting feature on the way it is impacting recyclers in India, and Nina Ying Sun elucidated the latest data on how Green Fence policy will have an impact on recyclers in China.

However, recyclers in North America are doing reasonably alright. The fact is corroborated in Jim Johnson report which quotes experts views that pricing dynamics is not only about recycled versus virgin pricing.

To reinforce the fact that recycled plastics is a valuable commodity; Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has released a video on the value and influence of the recycling industry. 

The videos are specially designed for public use, as there is massive misinformation about the whole process and it gets repeated as well. It is important for groups that represent recyclers to communicate people the true state of the recycling industry and not let misinformation circulate among the masses.

The plastics industry has a long run, as far as communicating and improving of the public impression of the industry is concerned. 
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