Plastics Industry Becomes Indispensible to Auto Industry

Published By : 20 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With the automotive industry looking to shave weight off vehicles at every corner possible, designers are looking more and more towards viable plastic options for car parts.

The urgency in creating lighter cars has consequently sparked off an interest in the auto industry for different materials, including plastics. The rush has been created due to the targets set by the Corporate Average Fuel Economy through the U.S. government. CAFE asks for the standard fuel consumption to go up to 54.5 miles per gallon before the year 2025.

While the target deadline seems quite far away for consumers, automakers must implement a step by step method that adds planned increments towards the goal every year.

The 2015 Plastics in Automotive Conference was held in Detroit on January 14. The conference saw the spotlighting of the tag “54.5 by 2025”.

Miller Cole LLC President, Suzanne Cole said that the use of lightweight plastics in vehicles is not a trend being followed only I the U.S. The phenomenon is being witnessed all over the globe across all the major auto companies.

Cole also added that they were trying to enhance performance by creating lightweight vehicles.

One of the most important benchmarks in the race to meet CAFE deadlines will be seen in 2017, when there will be hosted a midterm review of the technologies used. The plastics industry will have to keep a close watch on the proceedings.

The efforts taken the world over to reduce CO2 emission levels is also beginning to rely more on alternative vehicles that use other fuels sources, such as hydrogen or electricity. Cole was also of the opinion that the near future will see more hybrid cars in the U.S. than before.
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