Plastic Still Ranks High as Packaging Material for all Industry Verticals

Published By : 21 Nov 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Plastic packaging has been a mainstay in multiple industries for quite some time now. Current market trends and consumption patterns show that plastic packaging will indeed continue to be the primary choice for many manufacturers and distributors. Let’s have a look at why plastic is preferred to such a great extent. It is durable, safe, and above all, a convenient method of packaging for all kinds of products from the industries of healthcare, food and beverage, consumer goods, home and garden, and personal care and cosmetics. Plastics are light in weight for the kind of toughness they provide for its contents.

A major factor to be considered while examining the growing demand for plastic packaging is its appeal on the masses. Consumers are generally more attracted towards innovative packaging designs and colors, most of which are only possible on a large scale through the use of plastics. This is one of the key reasons why plastics win over other materials, especially in consumer-oriented industries. As for healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the key word used for preferring plastics is safety. Manufacturers of medical devices, medical tools, and drugs are commonly known to use plastic packaging due to the high level of sterility they provide, as well as the high level of protection they provide to the contents as well. The pharmaceutical industry especially is a major application segment for plastic packaging.

Another factor working in favor of plastic packaging currently is the growing scope of use as well as the proportionate increase in the demand for flexible packaging. In comparison to rigid packaging, the flexible type offers an immense number of benefits for modern packaging standards. Flexible packaging is much lighter, can hold a greater volume of contents for the same space taken by rigid plastic packaging, and is highly convenient in terms of usage. Although many industries still show a high preference for rigid plastic packaging due to other advantages, a lot of manufacturers are moving towards flexible plastic packaging.

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