Plastic is Winning as Top Material for Medical Packaging

Published By : 07 Nov 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Sterilization is a massive concern in the healthcare sector as hospital and medical organizations take extra precautions to ensure that a reusable medical device or apparatus is completely sterilized. Hospital acquired illnesses are serious affairs and can not only endanger patients, but can also destroy a hospital’s reputation. Additionally, unsterilized equipment can alter the results of lab tests and other research and development activities, affecting the overall outcome of a test or a study. The responsibility of sterilizing medical equipment lies not only with the healthcare organization, but the manufacturers of medical devices and medical packaging as well. The pressure is on for especially the manufacturers of medical packaging as there is no holistic method to sterilize a package after the contents are sealed.

Producers of medical packaging are finding a much greater comfort in the use of plastics as a base material for sterile packaging. These packaging types are highly resistant to contaminants, thereby adding a strong cover of protection for the contents. This has allowed sterile medical packaging to be a great success in the fields of biologics products and the pharmaceuticals industry. In fact, the overall demand for sterile medical packaging has increased quite rapidly over the past couple of years in the healthcare industry. Manufacturers of ampoules and vials are increasingly finding themselves preferring plastic as a base material of manufacture of sterile medical packaging.

Pouches and bags are expected to be the rising stars of sterile medical packaging over the coming years, owing to their growing usage in the pharmaceutical sector. However, the growing use of bags and pouches is likely to cause one of the more serious issues in sterile medical packaging to surface: the damaging of delicate or fragile packaging while handling. Bulk goods are rarely handled with excessive care, which is what a lot of bags and pouches need in order to maintain the sterility of its contents. The chances of a bag getting ripped or poked can be a bit too high for comfort for several manufacturers of sensitive drugs or medical devices. This is something that manufacturers of sterile medical packaging need to take of soon.

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