Piccolo Unveils Plans for A Gesture-Based Vision Assistant System for Smart Homes

Published By : 01 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the context of virtual assistance, voice assistant systems have garnered maximum demand in current times. Owing to this fact, Piccolo has revealed its plans to launch the latest Y Combinator class voice assistant system for smart homes.

Home Environments Expected to Get Smarter

The Y Combinator class assistant being developed by Piccolo aims to set up a camera system in every smart home, which can be used to detect physical motions and gestures. Such actions will further be translated into commands that can execute desired actions such as switching the lights and off, booting up the computer, or even switch on the television.

The system works by first placing a motion sensing camera in users’ homes, and fixing its position properly. The assistant program’s app is then opened, followed by dragging internet-connected appliances such as lights and television in the form of dialogue boxes onto another suggestion box that indicates which gadgets the user wants connect. The Piccolo camera mainly detects and records geometry of body movements, which also is called skeletal tracking. This is followed by transferring the movement-based data into a virtual model that can entirely human body positions. In this way, the device can understand where a user is pointing its hand, thus translating the action to switch on or switch off a relevant device placed in that direction. This is possible when the camera interfaces with the smart home devices that are compatible with the systems.

As per recent reports, the company is also experimenting on developing more actions, instead of just the switching on and switching off a device. For example, fast forwarding a video, making changes in air conditioner temperature levels, or changing fan speed modes are some for these actions being developed. The operational efficiency of this voice assistant system highly depends on the camera placement.

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