Philips Introduces Head Bands that Enhance Sleeping Patterns

Published By : 25 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With the intent to enhance the sleeping patterns of people, Philips has introduced head bands that help in de-stressing people while they sleep. The strict schedules of work and unusual hours of working make people tired, lousy, and somnolent. In this scenario, people are expected to have a pleasant sleeping experience but they actually feel more tired as they wake up. In order to curb this, the new head bands introduced by Philips improve the quality of the sleep during the sleeping period.

Working of Headbands

The headbands consist of sensors that detect ‘sleep waves’ in humans to know when a person has entered the phase of deep sleep. Following this, the headbands play soothing low-amplitude music that resonates with the sleep waves to enhance the quality of the sleeping experience. The headbands are designed to understand the sleeping patterns of people and induce audio tones according to their needs. The headbands are cushioned with a soft foam material that facilitates comfort to the user while sleeping. Furthermore, a companion app displays the quality of your previous sleeping session when you wake up.

Personal Sunrise

Loud alarm bells are not a congenial option to wake people in the morning, and hence, Philips has introduced Somneo. Somneo is a device that makes an illusion of sunlight in the morning so that people have a smooth waking experience. The device is also equipped with other features that aid in enhancing the sleeping experience.

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