Petland Puppies Cause Campylobacter in Seven States

Published By : 12 Sep 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A multistate outbreak of campylobacter infections is being examined by the CDC. While campylobacter infections don’t usually catch the attention of public healthcare authorities, this outbreak covers seven states and has already had 39 people fall ill due to it. Puppies sold from Petland, a popular American pet store chain, are the vector for this disease, as 27 of the 39 patients have had contact with a Petland puppy in recent days, either by buying one at Petland, visited the store, or been in contact with and in the house of someone who had recently bought a puppy from a Petland.

Campylobacter infections are hardly life-threatening, though they’re not worth ignoring. They can cause diarrhea and other abdominal complications, but usually pass within a week without treatment. Rare cases, though, can complicate into severe conditions such as paralysis or even death.

The states most affected by this outbreak are Florida and Ohio, with 11 and 18 cases of campylobacter infections, respectively, so far. Kansas has reported five infections so far, Pennsylvania has had two, while Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin have all reported one.

28 of the 39 are female, and 12 are themselves Petland employees. However, the CDC has desisted from blaming the pet store chain store due to the lack of severity of campylobacter infections. The store chain’s existing policies for educating staff and customers about proper sanitization after handling animals are likely to be continued unhindered. The store has also offered full assistance in the investigation. 

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