Pesticides Found in Tea Products from Popular Product Store Chains

Published By : 02 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

were found in the products of two popular tea store chains. These revelations were part of a chain of events leading from a pesticide scare from another beverage store that dealt in teas. 

Taipei’s government department for health found 35 tea products out of 44 products containing pesticides though 32 had amounts within regulated limits. The 3 tea products that exceeded the allowed limits and did not meet standards are orange tea, jasmine tea, and oolong tea. These were found in a shop in Beitou District and in black tea of Share Tea in Nanyang outlet.

Officials said they found herbicides in oolong tea that had 0.09 ppm of Ametryn and jasmine tea contained higher than 0.002 ppm of pesticide Fipronil. Share Tea’s black tea had 0.01 ppm of Fipronil. The authorities assured that the pesticide containing teas had been removed from the stores before May end.

The two companies in Taichung that provide raw materials to the two tea beverage chain stores have been alerted about the matter. Orange Tea had imported tea from Vietnam in June last year and the tests on June 5, 2014 had confirmed the safety of the teas, but there is no inventory available about the imported tea.

Orange Tea in the meantime has ceased its contract with the Beitou based tea beverages store. Orange Tea questioned the differences in test results cleared by the Taipei government and SGS Company earlier. Share Tea said that the black tea that contained pesticides were not sold in stores and was only internally used. They also were surprised that the same tea had passed official tests earlier and now were reported to have pesticides.
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