PepsiCo is Preparing to Revive Crystal Pepsi-the 1990’s Flop Soda

Published By : 12 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It’s been above a decade since PepsiCo (PEP) launched Crystal Pepsi, which failed miserably to make a market among the consumers. The company however is now trying to resurrect Crystal Pepsi from the ashes of past and offer it to the customers in a refreshing new avatar. 

Crystal Pepsi is a caffeine-free beverage which has no coloring unlike the popular beverages manufactured by the company such as Mountain Dew and Pepsi. The company owes the revival of the product to the popular YouTube videos featuring entertainer Kevin Strahle that went viral. 

Speaking on the company’s decision, Angela Tucciarone, who is the official spokesperson for the purchase department of the New-York Based PepsiCo mentioned in an official email that the company has always taken the customer feedback very seriously and the company believes that this time the fans of the beverage will be happy with what the company has to offer. 

This is the only reply that came from the second largest soda manufacturing company of the world that otherwise chose to remain silent about its plans regarding the revival of Crystal Pepsi. The comeback of the beverage is greatly influenced by the online petition drive that was organized by L.A. Beast, which drew above 34,000 signatures. He then retweeted a Twitter post of PepsiCo that promised a good news on the comeback of Crystal Pepsi. 

It was only last year that Coca-Cola (KO) has responded to a similar online survey that was started by three of passionate fans of Coca-Cola to bring back Surge. Surge feature high caffeine content and it disappeared from the retail shelves in 2002. Crystal Pepsi on the other hand was first produced in 1992, and then it was taken off the market a few years later amid concerns about adverse health effects of colorant in soda. 
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