Penda Urges Usage of Bamboo for Construction with Rising Canes Installation

Published By : 06 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Penda, a Chinese architecture and design collective has been suggesting that use of bamboo should be more in the construction industry. To affirm their stand, Penda put up a show called ‘Rising Canes’ at Beijing Design Week this year. The installation has a sample framework of a bamboo housing system that Penda believes will be the future. To many, this installation seems similar to birds concept that Penda had showcased earlier. 

Rising Canes has been secured by ropes and no nails, screws, or glue has been used for the construction. This style of building essentially means that the structure can be dismantled and recycled whenever required.  The installation is about 14.5 feet wide and 12.5 feet high. It has been mounted on slightly raised ground as well. The design firm used about 200 bamboo canes to create this structure along with integration of seeds that will eventually form the greenery around it. 

According to Penda, Rising Canes will be a sustainable housing project that will house about 20,000 people in the near future. However, this ambitious plans seems far too good to be true.
Rising Canes has the potential of turning into a reality by providing an emergency shelter similar to what Temporary Shelter in Nepal does. 

Penda stated usage of natural raw materials such as bamboo and a modular system allows the structure grow in any and every direction. The addition and connection of more and more bamboo canes strengthens the structure, increasing its load-bearing capacity. For a sustainable structure and maintenance, Penda has planted a bamboo grove nearby.

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