Pell City Automotive Provider Facing a Possible Fine of US$177, 500

Published By : 29 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A local automotive supplier, WKW Erbsloeth North America Inc., was quoted by the department of labor occupational safety and health administration in the United States for safety infringement and could be asked to pay US$177,500 in penalties.

The department of labor spokesperson, Mr. Lindsay Williams, stated on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 that WKW was issued a willful notification for exposing its workers to falls from walkways that have no railings. OSHA needed platforms, walkways, or runways above or next to the hazardous equipment, consisting of chemical tanks, to have toe-boards and railing deployed immediately, he added further.

Williams stated further that OSHA investigators found safety infringements in July, 2014, after a worker lost his balance and fell into a tank, which was filled with sulfuric and phosphoric acid. He said that the worker survived his wounds but had to bear severe burns to internal organs and his face.

An OSHA press release, which alleges WKW management of ignoring hazards, when a worker fell into a tank filled with acid at its Pell City plant, stated that a willful infringement is one done with intentional, knowing, or intended disregard for the requirement of law, or with simple indifference to workers’ health and safety.

The press release further states that exposing a worker to hazards that can injure him/her, which was known by all, is dreadful. 

Director of Birmingham area office of OSHA, Ms. Ramona Morris stated that this worker was doing the correct thing, but management was at wrong track. Employers have the liability to protect employees from illnesses and injuries.
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