P.E.I. E-Cigarettes, Vaping Restrictions to Begin Sept. 1

Published By : 27 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

New regulations and restrictions are likely to be implemented on the e-cigarettes and vaping products. The e-cigarettes will be banned and this new change is likely to come into effect from first of September, 2015. The labels on the P.E.I devices do not necessarily reflect the actual content or chemical in the cigarettes. It does not even reveal the content contained in the electronic device’s juice, commented provincial environmental health manager- Joe Bradley.  

The ban will be in those places where conventional cigarettes are traded. According to Bradley, the health effects of the e-cigarettes are pretty unclear. When any product is heated there is a chemical change and that is the factor which is not really known, he added. 

Moreover, starting first of October, the provincial government plans to curb down on the advertising and visibility of the vaping products in the market. Several stores will be required to place the e-cigarettes behind a barrier like tobacco products.    

Health Canada does not approve it either. It does not permit any e-cigarettes with nicotine for sale. Health Canada advises its citizens, especially the youth to not use these products. Any company planning to use these products would have to provide quality, evidence of safety, and effectiveness in order to have its products authorized.  

The federal Standing committee on Health made recommendation regarding the electronic cigarettes and related substances to Health Canada. The department commented that it is further considering the recommendations.

The decision whether the government is willing to move forward on the proposed ban of flavored tobacco products is not clear still, added Bradley. The changes have only included the regulations for sale of flavored tobacco products in regulation.  

Proposals by the department include public consultation and public opportunity to respond to feel the restriction. The consultations are likely to take place in September. 
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