Palliative Medicine Receives Endorsement for Medical Therapeutics, Use of Opioids Advantageous for Terminally Ill Patients

Published By : 03 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Opioids are a type of narcotics used in treating moderate to severe pain mainly for cancer pain management and end-stage diseases. The developed countries such as the U.S. stand as a large market for opioids. First and foremost, the extensive utilization of these drugs for palliative medicine is the reason for this. A large range of these drugs are easily available over-the-counter and unregulated prescription by physicians are contributing to the utilization of these drugs.

Developed countries such as the U.S. have an increasing geriatric pool of terminally ill patients that depend on palliative medicine. In these countries, increasing facilities for palliative medicine, reformed regulations for prescription opioids and favorable reimbursement policies as a result of these reforms are augmenting the utilization of these drugs. Nevertheless, generic drug manufacturers are focusing to develop abuse-deterrent formulations, in order to keep a check on the unrestrained use of opioids. Hence, the opioids market will be safeguarded from incidence of drug abuse that has serious implications on public health. 

In the near future, Asia Pacific will exhibit an increased demand for opioids. Increasing awareness for cancer pain management, increased focus on palliative care, and reforms in regulations for prescription opioids are the reasons for this. However, in the developing countries of the region, the utilization of opioids is curtailed to some extent. With increasing level of education, consumers are recognizing the long-term effects if utilized for long durations. In particular, in countries such as China and India, the distribution of opioids is strictly controlled that restrains their utilization. Lack of awareness about palliative medicine is also a reason for slow progression of the Asia Pacific opioids market.

Opioids are available in several product types. Morphine opioids are the most popular due to their natural composition; however, synthetic-based opioids will exhibit an increased demand due to their fewer side-effects and their potency to act as opioid substitutes. Opioids are utilizable for several applications. Diarrheal suppression, analgesia, and cough suppression are the broad application segments of the medication. Analgesia exhibits the highest demand for opioids used for trauma and injury, pain due to diseases, cancer pain, anesthesia, and surgical pain.

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