Outlook and Trends in the Global Telecommunication Sector

Published By : 11 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The telecommunication industry includes systems, devices, and technologies that allow communication over long distances. The ongoing momentum surrounding core telecommunications businesses and innovation on unconventional business models including Internet of Things applications, evolving communications technologies, mPayments will offer both growth opportunities as well as challenges for telecommunication companies.

  • Growth Opportunities in 2016: The telecom sector will be the epicenter for development, disruption, and innovation for virtually a number of industries. Broadband and mobile device connectivity will be embedded more within the society and these things play a key role in fuelling the momentum around prime trends including Internet of Things (IoT), video streaming, and mobile payments. The count of ‘connected things’ will continue to develop as smart and mobile device utilization as well as connectivity continues to increase, which will ultimately define and shape the space of IoT. In addition, as the count of embedded devices requiring mobile connectivity expands, telecommunication organizations will look for more opportunities to rise their revenue via core businesses including sales of network devices and equipment, and network connectivity.
  • Core Areas to Look for Enhanced Penetration by Top Businesses: Carriers will have to keep on focusing on presenting voice and data services that are affordable, high-quality, and reliable. The prime challenge lies in doing the same thing in 2016 within a market where there is rising utilization, scarce spectrum, and declining rates. The usage of data has grown exponentially, especially owing to streaming services and is predicted to maintain dominant in forthcoming years. The usage of Wi-Fi will remain as the prime factor particularly as carriers plan to offload increased mobile traffic on broadband networks particularly fiber. In addition, carriers will require to uptake network strategies for better managing of capacity, quality, and coverage.
  • Prime Emerging Markets in Telecommunications: Smartphones and wearables are 2 major areas to keep a watch on. It has been found that wearables have gained a lot of traction in the market and the rate of ownership have doubles as compared to previous year, though at relatively meagre levels offering substantial growth potential. The consumption of huge data will keep on growing as per the IoT expansion and increased content streaming, particularly videos. 

Hence, the above mentioned trends in the market will change the overall market dynamics in forthcoming years. Furthermore, the huge upcoming change in the telecommunications sector is the upcoming fifth generation mobile networks (5G).

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