Orlando I-4 to be Reconstructed

Published By : 02 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

On Sunday midnight, rang the official whistle to begin the construction on the Interstate 4 in Orlando. The project will take six years to finish and is believed to bring about a change in the logistics patterns in Orlando.

Commuters can expect to face minimal to extreme amounts of traffic congestion in a few more weeks.

I-4 Mobility Partners took the reins on the US$2.3 billion construction project on Sunday. It involves the overhaul of the primary transportation spine of Metro Orlando. The documents have been signed by state and company officials. The private consortium has been put in motion with the signing of the notice to proceed.

I-4 Mobility Partners will construct four tolled lanes in the center of the highway. They will also work on other improvements on the same route. The project is expected to be finished by 2021.

There will be no immediate inconvenience to commuters. The preliminary chores have currently been undertaken. This includes setting markers, installing plastic shields around lakes, and creating worker schedules.

A new maintenance contractor has also been hired to cut the grass and evacuate broken down vehicles away from the traffic.

The personnel in charge said that low slung concrete dividing walls shall be installed. This could mark the time from when traffic will be slower than normal. The walls will be in the auxiliary lane during rush hour traffic, which means any vehicle with a break down in the middle of the highway can cause disruptions for long times.
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