Organizations Find New Ways of Cyber Deception to Outsmart Attackers

Published By : 13 Dec 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Organizations have decided to take a proactive steps against cyberattacks on a daily basis. This attack hampers many businesses and causes major financial and reputational damage. Organizations idea of cyber deception which is designed to obscure the network could be useful in tackling the issue. 

This intelligent planning will confuse the attacker between real and fake. The idea behind misleading or confusing attackers would help in enhancing the defensive capabilities of organizations. This action also aimed at increasing the costs of attack so that it appears as economically undesirable task to the attackers. 

Deception Technology Helps to Understand all kind of Cybercriminals’ Activities 

This exclusive idea of deception differs from many traditional threat-detection techniques. Regardless of attack surface or the type of cyberattack, this deception technique alters the asymmetry of the attack. This helps organizations to clearly understand an attack, responding to incidents and information sharing. Cyber deception also add values in both digital and IT asset risk management. The technique is properly planned and designed which blocks all the path of attacks for breaching defenses. 

Cyber deception allows identifying where the attack started, attacking techniques, tools, methods, and motivation. This helps to detect a threat so precisely that the adversary would need to stop the attack quickly. Deception technologies thoroughly reveal an attacker’s activities to get information about their targets, tools and techniques and how it passes through the network. This technique meets many organization’s current and future requirements and also suitable for both large and smaller businesses.

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