Oregon Bangs Seventh Position for Being the Most Food Friendly State

Published By : 21 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As per a research study, which was held by a global network for location-based shopping information, Retale, Oregon has been tagged as one of the nation's most food-friendly states.

The research study has witnessed at the diversity of the food carts, restaurants, and farmers markets in every state, along with the diversity and accessibility of food options, including the health food. Oregon was ranked as number seven in the research study and the state of Washington went a bit lower on the list, as number 10; whereas the Rhode Island took up the top position.

The website has given a compliment that Rhode Island is indeed the food-friendly place in all the fifty states and that too for a very good reason. They further stated that this small sized and the non-island is full with some top-tier and flavorful foods, most of which are known as 'all their own' in the similar way that Kentucky claims fried chicken and New Orleans claims beignets.

Oregon has been praised on the website not only for their restaurants and eateries, but also for their rich soil, which offers the state for the incredible vegetation and is also a great state bearing culinary vibrancy. And if all this is not enough for mouth-watering, the researchers has further given recommendation of pairing the top-class food with the state’s micro-brews, top-notch wine, and nuts.

The glorious Valley of Willamette in Oregon grows around 98% of the whole United States hazelnuts, which has resulted in becoming the most-touted destination for a lovely vacation for all the Nutella lovers. Moreover, the local eating in the state is known for an all-time high in Portland, which is also a cultural mecca and also the general destination for food lovers everywhere.
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