Opioid and Heroin drug industry targets high-school kids, drug expert says

Published By : 20 May 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Misuse and abuse of certain types of drugs often starts in adolescence, says SUNY Upstate Medical Center addiction specialist and expert Dr. Brian Johnson.The abuse of heroin and opioids is amongst the most commonly addictive drugs consumed by youth and adults.

The illegal drug industries begin targeting the middle school going kids, so that by the time they all grow up and move out of high school, they are pretty habitual to consuming these drugs on regular basis, he added.

The industry strategically wants to recruit children, because it is a pediatric disease, said Dr. Brian Johnson. While the kids are growing up and getting to college, they have had this addiction for many years and it is entrenched in them. Dr. added that one effective way to deal with this mess is to be extra careful and alert of the situation in our surroundings.

Johnson said, there needs to be a huge self-realization and consciousness that there is an addictive drug industry, worldwide, and it is as bigas the tourism industry, or the oil & gas industry. The people involved are predatory people.

He even added that a person does not need several years to get addicted, sometimes, they even get addicted in a few instances with just a few exposures to opioids. Such changes in the brain can develop permanent craving for the drug.

SUNY Oswego announced last week that one student died and two more were hospitalized due to heroin overdoses. This incident took place early morning of Saturday, May 10. Following to this, the school officials sent a mass text message and email to the campus community that morning which read, \"Danger: Oswego heroin may be lethal. One person is dead; two are hospitalized. Please beware!\"

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