Opinion from Experts Impacting Perception of GMO Foods

Published By : 07 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

There are several different ways to market things. One of the common ways to market product or service is the word-of-mouth marketing. Many times consumers will opt for a product or a service because it was recommended to them by a friend, family, or acquaintance. This shows how powerful word-of-mouth can be. Similarly, word-of-mouth marketing can make a massive impact in the food sector.

Take the example of organic food and GMO food. There is a lot of debate going on if organic food is healthier than food produced using conventional farming methods. Another recent debate that has garnered a lot of attention is that of GMO foods. At present, many government organizations have declared that GMO foods that are approved by them are safe for consumption. However, many companies, experts in the food sector, and restaurants are propagating that GMO foods can be harmful to health. Hence, many companies are marketing that their food is free from GMO.

Many companies are putting consumers at ease or making them even more wary by featuring an expert seal of approval on their products. Hence, products in the supermarkets are now enlisting third party experts to talk on their behalf, according to the public emails between academics and firms in the food market which were obtained by The New York Times.

The food experts are scientists and professors that are not actually on the firm’s payroll; however, they receive research funding and get to travel all around the nation to talk at science centers, workshops, and lobbying events to either speak for GMOs or demand labels for them. This shows how public opinion impacts the way people perceive about GMO foods. Around 40 per cent of the general public perceives that genetically modified foods are safe to eat, and with many more restaurant chains and food brands joining the pro-GMO-free campaign is appealing to consumers

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