OnePlus One to be Available for Sale Without Prior Booking on Every Tuesday

Published By : 10 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The year 2014 saw a few Chinese smartphone startups stirring the entire globe with their power-packed but economically highly viable smartphones. One such smartphone startup, the OnePlus, had introduced a smartphone that included all the essential features that are possessed by the costliest smartphones in the market currently, at a price that was only a third of the prices of these phones. The OnePlus One, the phone that we are speaking of, was the highly anticipated phone that was debuted amid high demands from customers. 

The demand for the phone started surging so high that the company decided to cancel direct sales. The company required aspiring buyers to log-in into the online seller of the phone and book for an invitation for buying the phone. The customer would then be able to buy the phone by using the invite. 

The rather clichéd system of invites kept many aspiring buyers waiting for the invite. The ones who did not secure an invite to purchase the phone, but were still eyeing the product, had to wait until their chance came to finally buy it. But now, the company has eased the situation to some extent. It has launched an offer through which aspiring buyers will be able to buy the smartphone without having to wait for an invite on every Tuesday of the coming weeks. However, one will still need an invite to buy the phone on other days of the week. The 16GB versions of Silk White and 64GB versions of Sandstone Black will be a part of the sales. 

In the holiday season, OnePlus had offered a few promotions that allowed people to buy the phone on any day of the week. However now, the phone will be open for buying on one day of the week. 

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