Old Computers are Valuable in Christianburg, as they have Gold inside

Published By : 10 Jun 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A property owner in the Carroll County repaid the federal government an amount worth $150,000 as a part of the hazardous waste cleanup that involved old computers and nitric acid. 

The government in turn commented that it was a former tenant that caused the problem; however, it was the gold in the computers that caught WDBJ7 New River Valley reporter Orlando Salinas attention. 

The circuit board has the gold and silver contents and some of the other precious metals. It takes several of these kinds of boards mixed together for getting them recycled. The big orange shipping container gets packed properly with gold and silver in about every two weeks of time span, said Jim Ketterer, Director of Recycling Services at the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority in Christiansburg. 

Some industry experts say that a handful of old computers do not make profit but several thousand of them make a difference.

The extraction companies must use toxic acids to get gold, silver, and iridium out from computers, which are also found in processors, circuit boards, and RAMs. 

Greg Snyder with Scott Recycling mentioned there is gold found in the old computers as well, but not like striking it rich. Probably some of the really sought after machines will have a 100th of a gram of gold, which is maybe $15 or $20, not enough for most of them to keep their old computers.

Many companies gather thousands of old and used computers and resell them to extraction companies every single month. They do this to want the gold guts inside the old machines, but however, it becomes difficult for them to find a reputable company. 

Nonetheless, Ketterer has no cutting corners in this buying and reselling game. He wants to offer something that is traceable and secure.
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