Oil Boosted 10.3% to Make Best Day after March 2009

Published By : 28 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Oil prices have increased by more than 10 percent on Thursday, resulting in the biggest rally in many years. Recovering markets in equity and the revelation of reduced supplies of crude oil have created a short term boost to cover the bear trade.

Retaliating from a lull that lasted for two months and after reaching lows of 6 six years in the previous week, oil prices have finally risen as the stock markets in the world are hoping the economic stimulations put in by the Chinese government would have a beneficial effect. The dollar grew stronger simultaneously, reducing the pressure on taking risk mitigation steps.

The price of crude in the U.S was up US$3.96, which summed up to 10.3%. The final price at closing was US$42.56 per barrel, generating the most optimistic day after March 2009. Oil prices in 2009 had increased 11.1%.

The global benchmark Brent, for the first month, was up US$4, chalking up US$47 per barrel, which is a 10% boost.

The market growth was put in motion by the news of heavy activity in the Nigerian oil exports front, made by Shell. This was backed by private data that pointed towards an increase in draw downs in crude oil productions within this week in Oklahoma. The giant positive revision in the Q2 U.S. economic growth also supplemented this.

The oil prices are now on track to record the largest increase in one day for the contract site after January, a time when Brent stayed clear of six year lows to rise by almost US$10 in the span of three days.
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