Office Gets a New Refreshed Appearance and Feel from Microsoft

Published By : 14 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that its will be revamping the appearance as well as feel of its apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook under its office Suite. The new look will be harmonious with the Fluent Design System, which was launched by the company last year.

More Information about the New Appearance of Microsoft Office Apps

The changes will come in both Office desktop tools as well as online apps during the next few months. As per reports, there are three major changes taking place regarding the design of Office apps, apart from switching to the Fluent Design System.

Firstly, the Ribbon has been redesigned and simplified; however, Microsoft is being very cautious before rolling out this new feature to users. This is mainly due to its release in Office 2007, when users got used to it quickly, and the company integrated it in all its applications. With the move being controversial, the company will currently launch Ribbon only for the web version of Word. In the current update, Microsoft is collapsing its traditional three-row view into a single line, which will be used to highlight most important features. User can however still expand the simplified Ribbon to get the full traditional view.

As per the organization, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word are their most preferred and used applications, and hence these were selected to undergo a complete change in appearance and feel. Other appearance changes include a new set of colors and icons. However, unlike Ribbon, these will be launched directly for all Office applications. After the Web version of Word at, an Insider release for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on Windows will also be released in the later of half of this month. Outlook for Windows will be the next applications to get the changes, following by Outlook for Mac.

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